About the Temple

Goddess Sri Raja Rajeswari, (considered to be 'Jala Durga') is the main deity of this centuries old temple. Even though authentic details are not available about the age of the temple, it is considered as one of the 108 Durga temples made by Lord Parasurama in kerala. As the Godess was installed under a Pala tree, she came to be known as Palachuvattil Devi and the placed acquired the name Palarivattom.
Earlier this temple was under the control of Swarnathu mana for a long period, and it is believed that Jagadguru Sri Sankaracharya had visited this temple during that time. Later the control of the temple was transferred to Edapally Elangur Swarupam. Situated within the state boundary of the old Kochi Raja and near to the erstwhile Travancore State, this temple had an international acclaim during that time.

Now situated in the Cochin corporation area, it has its importance because it is situated in the middle of four other main temples viz. Pokkalam Siva Temple in the east, Pavakulam Siva Temple in the west, Devankulangara Krishna Temple in the north, and Ananthapuram Krishna Temple in the south.
In 1968, the 'Palarivattom Sri Raja Rajeswari N.S.S Karayogam' came into existence, and took over the charge of the dilapidated old temple. 'Ashtamangalya Prasna ' was conducted and, thus in 1984, under the auspices of the Karayogam and under the overall charge of Pukalakkatu Advocate P. Gopalakrishnan Menon, a temple reconstruction / rehabitation committee was constituted.
This Committee reconstructed and improved the old building to the present beautiful and impressive temple.
The new copper flag mast and the spacious ' Aana pandal ' were built in 1991 and 1996 respectively. Artistically decorated Srikovil, Thidappalli, Namaskara Mandapam, Naalambalam, Balikkalpura, Koothambalam, Sadhyaalayam and the temple pond, are the main attractions of this temple, where hundreds of devotees visit daily to offer their prayers.
Apart from Goddess Sri Raja Rajeswari other deities in the temple complex are: Lord Ganesha, Lord Ayyappa, Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva and Goddess Naga Yakshi.
The rituals and the poojas of the temple are done by the priests from the Puliyannur Illam.

Sri Raja Rajeswari temple
Palarivattom Jn, Cochin - 682025
Kerala, India.
Phone : +91 484 2349492